Over the years, I’ve been doing a lot more life coaching (which I absolutely LOVE) helping people over panic, anxiety, worry, fear and self-confidence challenges, along with a host of other emotional and mental challenges that keep you stuck and feeling alone.     

I used to think that getting things done was all “mind over matter”, but not now.  You see, you already have inside of you all of the resources you need to get what you want, change what you want and be who you want.  (I know, it’s sometimes hard to believe, but it’s true).   

I’m on my way to Dallas in a couple of weeks to do two 2-Day Turnarounds with a man and a woman who are both having mental and emotional challenges around what’s next in their life and their career.  Helping them to see things in a different way, using a different perspective is essential to be able to get out of the rut.  

So what’s keeping you in the rut?  Is it a consistent, persistent negative thought pattern, negative emotion, physical or emotional pain?  Is it doing the same things that don’t work over and over instead of admitting it’s not working and finding a new way?  If you’re saying to yourself “I know there’s something stopping me but I don’t know what it is”, then there are a couple of things you need to do:

1.  Know that you’re in charge.  Yep, only YOU can control how you feel, think and act. 

2.  Consider a different perspective.  What would you problem seem like from a “fly on the wall” perspective?

3.  Rewrite your life.  At some point, you made a decision to have these problems, because you’re in charge.  Go back to the first time you can remember having it and ask yourself why you needed it then and how it was serving you.  (because it does have a purpose, even if it feels negative). 

4.  Get help.  It’s difficult to see the problem when you’re in the problem.  Ask someone else for help.

So how have you been in charge of your emotional states and what have you done to break yourself free from negativity?  Leave a comment below and let me know.