What Can Your Audience Learn About Fetching Fulfillment, Simplifying Life and Finding Time To Play From This Unlikely Real Life Ethical Hacker, Dog Trainer and “Accidental” Millionaire?


Looking for an exceptional speaker for your upcoming event?

Stephanie Frank delivers uplifting, engaging content with actionable takeaways.

Stephanie isn’t just a mentor; she’s a beacon of inspiration for thousands globally. She is the creative force behind thegoodlife.ai and the genius behind the Quick Stress Reliever. Her accolades include being a 4x International Best Selling Author of “The ‘Accidental’ Millionaire” and has shared the stage with some of the most beloved motivational speakers in the world. She has been a National Inc. Columnist, and featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, Fox, as well as thousands of podcasts, media and virtual events.

Her expertise is in Human and Canine Behavior, Personality Profiling and Communication Intelligence. Stephanie is a powerful, dynamic and informative presenter who will reach out to your audience and reveal the secrets to finding success in today’s changing world. Her shocking story of rising from a college dropout to a successful multi million dollar business owner and how she stayed happy and positive through tortuous relationships, domestic violence, a brush with death and back again will touch your audience and inspire them to take inspired action in their own lives.

Stephanie will help your people get to the root of their fearseliminate “analysis paralysis” and get them started on the road to success. Her motivating message along with the no fluff, do it now techniques she shares will get them excited, motivated, and inspired to get going NOW!

Your people will love Stephanie’s down to earth, and from the heart style. She is an expert communicator, able to take the most complex issues and reduce them to words that the average person can easily understand. She calls it “Making Simplexity”.

No other speaker can bring Stephanie’s real world experience, knowledge and passion to your next event. Her information and practical programs are cutting edge and completely based on the most current techniques to help your people break through fear, overcome obstacles, and get on the fast track on the road to success.

Stephanie also does thorough pre event research and customizes the program for each unique audience, experience level and situation. Your people receive access to the latest tools and information available to help them begin implement new ideas quickly and effortlessly. Her programs are exciting, fast paced and fun, loaded with captivating stories of real life successes and failures that could be told by no one else.

Top Personal Growth Speaker

Your team needs more than just motivation. They need tools. They need to get inspired. This is exactly where Stephanie Frank stands out.

Stephanie doesn’t just deliver keynotes. She creates powerful customized experiences, making her a popular actionable motivational speaker for top organizations.

Stephanie is a true game-changer for leading brands in engaging their teams and moving them to action in the most inspiring, insightful, and uplifting way. If you are lucky enough to hear her speak, the way you handle life, business, and other people will never be the same.  

Whether you need a compelling and inspiring keynote to kick off your meeting, a lively conversation for your podcast, or a motivational and information-packed break out session for your conference, Stephanie delivers with a punch. Either way, you’ll be happy you booked her, you’ll look great, and your people will thank you.

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