It’s Messy Now.  And All Seasons In Life Move
Forward Into The Next One.

You’ll Be Okay.

But It Doesn’t Feel Okay Right Now. 

You deserve to have the peace, confidence and courageous calm you need  to make your life better again. 

Give me 90 minutes and we will determine together how to find the next best step for you to find more of the calm and happiness you deserve.  More love, less stress, more clarity and more fun.  

Is this how it feels sometimes to be you?

2 dogs playing on green grass during daytime

You’re the one everyone relies on. 
You are smart, capable (and overwhelmed). 
People are pulling you in every direction.
You feel other people’s pain deeply.

You’re so busy taking care of others you can’t help yourself.
Your life has changed drastically. 
Your strength is waning.

And sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day and make it go away.

You didn’t sign up for this, and yet here it is. 
And you are front and center as the ONE to fix it. 
But you don’t know how without hurting yourself. 

(And you’re not even thinking about that now…)

Dear Fellow Dog Lover and Calm Seeker:

You Knew It Was Coming, But You Didn’t Know What You Were Getting Into.

Let’s change that. When there is too much happening because you were forced into a situation at home while you are trying to make a life for yourself, it’s hard to decide what to do next, much less manage your job, kids, spouse and family dog.

It’s even harder to maintain your own health while caring for others.

I know. I’ve been there. And it almost cost me my life because I was caregiving, being abused and self-medicating because I was too ashamed to ask for help.

So if I can help you avoid that life-threatening situation, I’m here.  You just have to take the first step. 

I am highly qualified to help you take that step – that’s what we will figure out in this simple, 90 minute session.

Get Out of Overwhelm

Unless you have a therapy background (and even if you do), navigating life by yourself is HARD.  When a situation happens that takes away your freedom, you have to be more organized, more knowledgeable and more patient than you’ve ever been. 

Your time is not your own, and what little time you have you spend in tears or frustration. 

Other people’s needs come first, your needs come last, and it’s all so overwhelming.  Let’s change that. 

Let Go Of Guilt

If you are tired, confused, self-medicating or in guilt-ridden overwhelm, you make bad decisions.  

Learning to say NO with compassion doesn’t mean it’s a win-lose situation.   If you are the foundation, then YOU must be strong.  And that means protecting your energy. 

Reconfiguring what’s not working, delegating, asking questions and finding help is not only okay, it’s imperative to keep yourself sane. 

Find Confidence

Stepping into new phases of life can be terrifying – or exhilarating as you learn new ways to be happy with everything going on in your life.  

I will help you learn how to confidently take the next proper step – whether you are afraid to ask questions of professionals, provide the care you need to give.  

You are now the leader of the a new life “project”, like a major change, and you need a good team, empathy and confidence to lead when the path is not clear. 

It’s Okay To Have FUN!

While caring for others is certainly a serious responsibility, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life while it’s happening. 

Little breaks make a big difference.  It’s okay to get a massage, see a movie, escape for a couple of hours. 

Enjoy some fun like your dog – there’s a beginning, middle and end to play and at the end of a play session there’s learning and growing.  And then you rest for a minute. 

You can do it!  I’ll help. 

A Safe, Personalized Approach To More Time, Less Guilt

There are a variety of methods a person can use to achieve the simplicity, focus and clarity you desire and deserve. We will use a science-backed personality and values – based approach to determine what works best for you as you navigate your new life.

I take a “laser coaching” approach to help you get calmer quickly – faster than you can imagine. It works because we aren’t trying to solve the Meaning of Life in one session. Nope. We are simply identifying what you want and the BEST NEXT STEP to get there – personalized for you.

You will find that with laser coaching, you will actually achieve more in less time because your thoughts aren’t scattered all over.

We work on one thing at a time. Period.

Through this practical, informative and personality/values based approach, you can get through anything. Even this. 

Then the Fetch Calm Laser Coaching Approach is for you.  There are several ways to accomplish change, but this is just the first step.  So let’s make it simple so you can take a rest.

a close up of a dog laying on a blanket

Step 1 – Schedule a Fetch Success Session

Simply use the scheduler below to schedule a time that’s convenient for you. 

Step 2 – Show Up

Bring paper and pen for notes and show up ready to discover things about yourself you may have forgotten.  During our call, we will assess your unique personality traits and values and use them as a guideline for the next steps plan we will create. 

Step 3 – Take Action and Feel Great

Since you will be clear about what’s in your way and exactly how to get around/through the blocks and on the path to happiness, you will take the next steps with joy.  After that, we can come together again for the next step, and the next – for however long you need to.