Every year about this time, I start thinking about what my theme word will be for next year.  Then, in December, I will take the last 2 weeks and reflect, review and clean up whatever I need to in order to keep thing rolling.

This year has definately been a year of high-impact change.  (Funny, when I added that to our mission statement to help others create high-impact change in the shortest amount of time, I guess I was really talking to myself.  Oh well, glad you’re here along for the ride!)

Coming out on the other side of massive changes in my life this year has been a really wonderful, exciting and sometimes downright terrifying experience.  I’ve learned to love through breakups, illness and course correction.  I’ve learned to surrender and be in the moment, listen to the Universal messages and be okay “being in the GOO” (as my friend Sarah Robinson says).

Recently, I called several of our clients and asked “why did you hire us?”  Every one of them, from Executives to solo entrepreneurs, said “Because something had to change and I didn’t know how”.

So why are we so afraid of change – even positive change?  Here are some thoughts:

1.  We don’t know for certain what the endpoint will be. When new territory is crossed, we can only go one step at a time.  Many people find that very unsettling – not knowing the destination.  Yet step by step is the ONLY way to make progress.

2. Paralysis from fear.  Trying to peek into the future with certainty is a clear formula for anxiety, fear and failure.  No one is certain of the future.  Tomorrow may not come.  I mean, you don’t go to bed every night terrified that the sun won’t come up tomorrow, do you?  Probably not.  Yet, there is no guarantee.

3. We think it’s going to hurt. Making positive change in your life is the only way to ensure success and happiness.  If you don’t make that change, you will be stuck in an unfulfilling, purposeless life filled with regret at the end.  No one wants that.  Your purpose is to make choices that make you happy, so if you’ve got too much or too little of something in your life – something’s got to change.

Have you started thinking about the changes you want to make – in your relationships, health, career, life?  What might your one word theme be for next year?  Mine is going to be FLOW  (Follow, Love, One, Wisdom)

Leave a comment and let me know what you would like to change – it will start you on your way!

Peace and love,