Today’s mantra:  stay on target.

Some days, you just wake up apathetic or discouraged, for what could be no reason at all.  Oh sure, there’s always some reason, but it’s probably not at all what you think.  I mean, there are so many blessings to count, so much goodness around but sometimes you just have to let yourself feel poopy for a little bit before you move on.

It’s not that you’re unhappy or miserable with everything in your life.  Maybe it’s just one area (like your money, your environment, your health, your career or your relationships) that’s not working so well that throws everything else off.  And maybe you feel like you’re working really hard to “make things happen” only to find yourself spinning your wheels on the bicycle of life.

Been there.  Got it.  Totally understand.  I have those days too (yes, even the Queen of Happiness hits a bump once in a while)  🙂

Emotion, when left unacknowledged, becomes negativity and can lead to depression.  Depression is projected to be the #2 killer in by 2020.  When emotional upset (frustration, confusion, conflict, overwhelm, fear, anxiety, worry) becomes an everyday lifestyle, momentum stops.  It makes sense:  how can you be focused and on target when you’re overcome with worry about your job, your money, your relationships, your career, your health… ________________________ (fill in your own thing here.)?

It’s impossible.

But there’s good news:  today we can all make a choice to acknowledge the negativity (notice I said acknowledge, not wallow in it)

So you’re feeling ________________.   Great! Here’s what to do next:

1.  Give yourself 5 minutes to identify and acknowledge your emotion.

2.  Say out loud “I’m feeling ________  Oh well!  This too shall pass..”  (because it will)

3.  Now that it’s been acknowledged, you can move on.  Go about your day (don’t try to change things – that will only put you back in wallowing mode.

4.  DO something different.  A task that needs to be done.  Go for a walk.  Hug another person (or your dog).  Whatever.   Just make sure you’re in motion (even if it feels like slow motion) and NOT spending your time wallowing in the emotion.

5.  Congratulate yourself for moving through the emotion instead of ignoring it.

By doing these simple things, you will learn to become more emotionally intelligent, which will help you to increase your health, happiness, stamina, relationships and bank account.