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Dear Smart But Frustrated Productivity Seeker:

Does this sound familiar?

It’s early morning and the alarm clock screams to life, jolting you awake. You really need more sleep, but work is waiting, so you quickly shower, grab a bite to eat and a strong cup of coffee. You head to the office (or close the door to your bedroom) hoping to finally catch up on some of the never-ending paperwork before the phones start ringing or people start interrupting you.

A moment of peace…

…until the day goes haywire!

Customers. Emergencies. Sick employees. Contractor out of town. Vendor out of stock. Phone goes unanswered. Meetings and more meetings. Sales calls. Lawyers, accountants and bankers (Need more sales! How can we make more sales?) Quick lunch. Feeling run down. More problems, phone calls and requests on your time. Pay the bills. Pay the bills. (Can we cover the bills?) Phone still ringing. Voice mail. Email. Information Overload. (What was I doing?) Oh yeah, now I remember. Back to work. Interruption. Details, always more details! Taxes, Paperwork. Ideas, more ideas and more ideas cramming through my brain.

(Will I ever get this To-Do list DONE?) Interrupted again. (Maybe if I just get more education.) (What am I doing wrong – becoming successful was supposed to be liberating?) (Why do I feel like I’m in a cage – a slave to my work?) Interrupted again. Now my family needs something – will this ever end?

Of course you want more productivity in your life, more money in your pocket and more free time to spend doing the things you love. You’ve tried time and time again to manage time. You’ve bought every planner, app and gadget on the market to help you get organized and finally free up your time with a small degree of success. How do I know?

I’m Stephanie Frank, The Accidental Millionaire, and want to tell you a secret. I used to work grueling, 18 hour days, 7 days a week just to make money. But not anymore! You see, I have successfully MASTERED the one resource that we all have that makes all the difference.


It’s your most important resource. Each day, you have 86,400 seconds to “get stuff done.”

Imagine every second is a $1 bill and, for each second, your $1 bill goes on one of two piles – Productive or Unproductive. Now ask yourself, “Which pile is bigger for you?” Daily, a big truck comes to take away your wasted money, with the repetitive cycle beginning your next 86,400 seconds.

Money and people come and go but you can’t reclaim lost time. You can’t go back into the past. However, you CAN do things differently – starting now.

Are you ready to ride a wave of momentum, put projects on hyper speed and finally have a workable system for your time management success? For me, mastering this single skill changed my life. And it can change yours too!

Are you like so many smart, yet overwhelmed, professionals who want to…

  • Stop working 18 hours a day six and seven days a week trying to make it all work
  • Banish overwhelm from all the information coming in, having to figure out where it all goes, and in what order
  • Eliminate frustration because you can’t get anything done
  • Focus on what you really like and WANT to do
  • Delegate to others, without being afraid that it won’t be done right
  • Stop the time suckers (you know who they are) from controlling your schedule and taking you away from productive, results-oriented activities
  • Change some of the bad habits you’ve developed (and passed on to others) but you’re not sure what to put in its place
  • Successfully tackle YOUR to-do list (and even get to the bottom of it once in a while)
  • Take a much-needed vacation without worrying that your company or department will collapse without you

If any or all of the above sounds familiar, then you are definitely in the right place!

Now is the time for you to kick your life into high gear by mastering the single most important resource you have – TIME. Take advantage of our one-time, special offer to claim your own personal copy of the all-new, To-Do Today! The Creative Genius Guide to Getting Stuff Done.

“I finished a project in 17 minutes that I’d been trying to finish for 6 months. The next day, it launched and we had a 6 figure day.”

– Russell Brunson, Dot Com Secrets

“I went from working 7 days and week and almost killing myself to having 4 day weekends every week. Oh, and my income doubled too!”

– Gina Gaudio Graves, Directions University
“To-Do Today!” User & Do-ser!

I developed the “To-Do Today!” System specifically for creative, disorganized and smart people. It’s a powerhouse program, which I have personally used for over 25 years. I have built two multi-million dollar companies, written 23 books, showed thousands of people how to double their income and triple their time off, and have a life loaded with love and balance. And…

You can too! Anyone can with their own personal edition of the To-Do Today! The Creative Genius Guide to Getting Stuff Done. Take control of the clock and harness each ticking minute for maximum results in every area of your life. It’s possible!

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  • Powerful, practical systems for creative Time Mastery
  • How to end the cycle of being late and frantic all the time
  • The secret to never forgetting your appointments again
  • Why we compulsively over-promise and over-commit–and how to stop
  • How to “bend time” to get more done and make more money
  • What to do when “daily planners” don’t work for you
  • How to get to the bottom of your to-do list… every day
  • The single thing that ALL successful people do (change this one thing for massive results)
  • And more…much more …

When you put the To-Do Today! system to work for you – even if you’ve never been successful at mastering time – you’ll find things moving forward like never before!

This means you’ll see success in every area of your life accelerating by the minute! When you are mastering your time, you:

  • Automatically become 100% more productive
  • Have your to-do list become your friend
  • Create time to do the fun things in life
  • Find freedom from the drudgery of “have to”
  • Put your energy into tasks and projects you love
  • Finally FINISH those projects that you haven’t had time for
  • Become laser-focused to achieve all your goals

If you’re tired of wondering where your day went, lost opportunities, procrastination and overwhelm then you need To-Do Today! The Creative Genius Guide to Getting Stuff Done.

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-Sage Lewis,

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