What’s Your Dog’s Personality Paw-File?

Take this short quiz to determine your dog’s Personality Paw-File and learn how to train, connect and bond with your furry best friend based on their Personal BARKType.  🙂

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When playing with other dogs, my dog:

2 / 11

In response to a new toy, my dog:

3 / 11

When it comes to training sessions, my dog:

4 / 11

How does your dog react to a change in routine?

5 / 11

When encountering a small obstacle in their path (like a low step or a new rug), my dog:

6 / 11

In a new environment, my dog:

7 / 11

During meal times, my dog:

8 / 11

When a stranger comes to the door, my dog:

9 / 11

During walks, my dog:

10 / 11

When faced with a challenge (like a puzzle toy), my dog:

11 / 11

How does your dog behave when left alone?

Woof! You’re done.

Now we will email results.  Please enter your best email to learn your dog’s Personality Paw-file!


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